Since 1997, our savvy and talented team has been the go-to source for learning management systems in the criminal justice field. Check out our depth and experience:

1997:OJJDP, white house live/interactive webcasts [live interaction]
1998:EKU online registration for stand-up training [registration]
1999:designed first NIJ eLearning platform [hands-on vs. hands-off]
2000:designed first FBOP eLearning course for IT [bandwidth]
2001:created first corrections LMS [crim.cast tm]
2002:ACA online training institute [ecommerce, accreditation]
2002:AJA online training academy [content & streaming]
2003:NLECTTC online training academy [train-the-trainer]
2003:homeland security institute & corinthian college [course credits]
2003:SVORI pilot eLearning for offenders at TDCJ [two-way video]
2004:NIJ/Florida DOC eLearning pilot/study [comprehension]
2004:KYDOC infrastructure report [scalability, maintainability]
2005:KYDOC eLearning [statewide implementation, cost savings]
2005:NIC satellite/internet broadcasts [collaborative learning]
2006:MA sheriffs paper-to-paperless transition [mobile technologies]
2007:KY county jailers expansion
2008:Louisville Metro Department of Corrections